Area Selection Confirmation Screen

This page is used to confirm that the correct location has been selected.

If a position was chosen either by clicking on the map, or by specifying the latitude and longitude, then a number of checks are performed:

  • The selected latitude and longitude is displayed.
  • A warning is displayed if an invalid value is entered.
  • If the location appears to be on the land a warning is given. (A point near the coast may still select a sea area).
  • If the location is in the sea, but near the coast, a warning is given showing the estimated distance from the coast. The wave climate at this location may be influenced by the proximity to the coastline.

If the selected location is within the boundaries of a sea area, this area is shown on a map. If the location is on or close to the boundary of a sea area, an appropriate warning is shown.

It is possible for the selected location to be on the boundary of two or more sea areas. In this case, each of the possible areas is shown with it's own location map and selection button.

If you have already purchased the data for a sea area, the selection button will take you directly to the analysis selection screen for this area. If not, you will be taken to the data availability screen.

If none of the sea areas shown are appropriate, the final button will return you to the location selection screen.

Limitations of the Geographical Landmass Database

It is important to note that the definition of the landmass coastlines are  only approximate in this database. The geographical database does not contain many of the larger islands, and the coastline shapes are defined with considerable simplification.

It is therefore essential that you consult a good chart if you suspect that your location may be incorrect, or if you think it may be too close to landmasses for completely reliable wave data to be available.