Season and Directional Sector Selection

This page shows a table giving the probability of the eight different wind and wave directions. The first column of data gives the average values for the whole year, while the subsequent columns give the directional distributions for each season. This data is the same as was given on the Data Availability page.

Against each combination of season and direction, a radio button is shown. These buttons are used to select which data set to analyse. The buttons are colour coded to indicate which data analyses are available:

  • White - All wind and wave data analyses, including storm and calm persistence. Persistence analysis is only available for "All Directions".

  • Yellow - Wind and wave data, excluding wave persistence.

  • Red - Wind data only. Either there were insufficient wave observations, or the data failed quality control tests.

Below the table is a pull down menu to select the required form of analysis of the selected data set. One of four analyses can be selected:

  1. Wind Speed
  2. Wave Scatter
  3. Wave Persistence
  4. Extreme Waves

Having selected the required data set, and analysis, clicking the "Show Results" button will display a page showing the requested results.

The "Return to Location Selection" button takes you back to the Location page to select a new sea area. The "Location" tab on the menu bar at the top of the page has the same effect.

The lower part of the page can be used to display a polar plot of either the wave height or the wave period probability as a function of wave direction. This can be plotted for either "All year", or for an individual season.

Radio buttons are used to select which season to use. Polar plots are only available if there is wave data for each of the directional sectors for the selected season. A pull down menu is used to select the required plot type.

Clicking the "Show Polar Plot" button refreshes this page, with the requested polar plot at the bottom of the page.