Data Purchase Screen

This screen is the start of the data purchase. The map on the left shows outlined all the sea areas currently selected for purchase. The price of the data for the selected sea areas is shown in Pounds Sterling. The price will include VAT if appropriate for EU residents.

It is possible to purchase each sea area separately. Each new area you purchase will be added to those which are available to you. Alternately, a number of sea areas may be selected, and then all the data purchased in a single transaction.

In order to build up a collection of sea areas, select the "Select Another Area" button. This will return you to the location selection page, from which you can select an additional area to purchase.

If you decide not to go ahead with the purchase at this time, the "Discard Selection" button will clear your current list of data awaiting purchase, and return you to the location selection page. Data which you have already paid for will be retained.

Once you have selected all the sea areas you wish to purchase at this time, please read our terms and conditions for data purchase, shown on the lower section of the screen (they have been abbreviated from the figure above). Providing you accept them, select the "I Agree" button. This will take you to a secure site for payment by credit card. Your credit card details are not held on the Global Wave Statistics Online webserver.