Data Availability Screen

The wind and wave data for a sea area is given as an annual average, plus data for four seasons of the year. The dates of the seasons have been chosen with regard to the climatic variability of the area. Within each season (including "all year"), information is given for "all directions" plus eight directional sectors.

Not all of the sea areas have wave data available for all 45 combinations of season and direction. Usually this is because of a lack of a sufficient number of observations to form a reliable estimate of the climate. Occasionally there may be a large enough number of observations, but the data failed a quality control check during analysis.

Wind data is always available for all 45 combinations.

Before purchasing the data for a sea area, you are given a chance to review which data sets are available, and which (if any) are missing.

A table is displayed showing the seasons and directions. For each season, the probability of the wind blowing in each of the directions is shown. The table also shows a for each combination which has wave data, and  a when only wind data is available.

It should also be noted that wave persistence information is only defined for "all directions".

Providing you are satisfied with the data availability, select the "Purchase this Area" button to proceed to the data purchase screen.

The "Discard this Area" button will return you to the location screen to select a different sea area.