Wind Speed Probability

Probability Table

This page shows the probability distribution of wind speed for the selected sea area, season, and directional sector. Wind speeds are shown on the 'Scientific Beaufort Scale'.

The main table has four columns:

  1. Beaufort number.

  2. Centre wind speed corresponding to the Beaufort number, given in knots.

  3. Wind speed range covered by the Beaufort class.

  4. Probability of the wind speed being in this class. For visual presentation, the probabilities are colour coded:

    • Red - 10% probability or more.
    • Yellow - Between 2% and 10% probability.
    • Green - Between 0.05% and 2% probability.
    • White - Less than 0.05% probability.

Probability Plot

A plot of the wind speed probability may also be shown. One of three formats may be selected:

  1. Histogram - This is a plot of the tabulated probability values in a histogram format.

  2. Linear - This is a plot of the non-exceedance probability, on a linear scale.

  3. Weibull - This is a plot of the non-exceedance probability on special scales such that a two parameter Weibull distribution would appear as a straight line.

The horizontal scale of the plot may be either Beaufort number, or wind speed in knots.

Pulldown menus are used to select the required presentation, and then the "Plot Wind Statistics" button clicked to produce the plot. The current page is refreshed, with the selected plot shown above the plot selection controls.

Navigation Controls

The "Return to Analysis Selection" button at the bottom of the page will take you back to the page for selecting a new season or directional sector.

The tabs in the menu bar can be used to move through the various levels.

  • The four right hand tabs will switch between the different analyses for the current data set.

  • The "Season & Direction" tab will take you back to the page to select these parameters.

  • The "Location" tab will take you back to the location selection page.