BMT UK Ltd respects your privacy and has measures in place to ensure that your privacy is not infringed. We follow the procedures laid down by UK Data protection legislation regarding the storage and disclosure of the information you have given to us in order to prevent unauthorised access. We will disclose your personal data only as described in this policy.

The information we collect and store about you

We ask you for details of your name, Company, e-mail address and delivery address for record purposes and in order that we may contact you regarding your use of this site. We may also pass this information to some other parties (see below).

We may store details of your usage of the site for our own internal purposes.

We ask you for a password for security purposes.

If you purchase data from this site, we also ask you for credit card details and your VAT number. Your credit card details will be passed to third parties for the purposes of establishing your credit status and obtaining payment. The encryption facilities of a recognised online secure payment system provider will be used to encrypt all account information about you This information may be transmitted outside the European Economic Area. We may also disclose details about you or your transaction for accounting and regulatory purposes. BMT UK LIMITED WILL NOT STORE YOUR CREDIT CARD DETAILS IN ANY WAY.


Cookies are small bits of information stored by your browser on your computer hard drive. Cookies used by BMT UK Ltd do not contain any personally identifying information. If you wish, you can change your web browser so that it will not automatically accept "Cookies".

Disclosure of information about yourself.

Unless you have notified us otherwise, you agree that BMT UK Ltd and companies within its group may use your personal data in order to advise you about the services, products and activities of BMT UK Ltd and companies within its group. Other than for the purposes of facilitating or evidencing an e-commerce transaction by you, BMT UK Ltd will not provide any personal data to any party outside of the group of companies of which it is a member.

Further information and De-registration

If you require further information about information about you held by ourselves, if you wish to amend your registration details, or if you wish to de-register then you may write to:

Global Wwave Statistics Online
Spectrum Building
1600 Parkway
Solent Business Park
PO15 7AH
United Kingdom

Or e-mail

In the event that we change our privacy policy, we will post the changes on this page.